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Our Story

The Lands Collection originated from a simple idea: can a
diamond's distinctive character mirror the essence of its wearer? Across history, diamonds have symbolized courage, elegance, luxury, and spiritual unity. Those from Northern Canada stand apart, embodying a unique narrative
shaped over millions of years. These diamonds, formed amidst Earth's transformative events, encapsulate epochs of evolution that have shaped our
world today.

Each diamond, born from deep within the Earth, tells a story—a testament to a specific moment in time. From the 75 million-year-old elegance of Diavik diamonds to the vibrant hues of Ekati's 45-55 million-year-old gems, and the primordial glow of Gahcho Kué's 500 million-year-old treasures, every stone reflects the Earth's depth and history.

The Lands Collection reveres these diamonds and the communities they touch in Northern Canada. Located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Lands Collection is dedicated to refining diamonds with cutting-edge technology while training locals in the art of diamond polishing. Each piece of jewelry not only embodies Earth's treasures but also enriches the lives of those

Through designs tailored to highlight each diamond's unique personality, Lands Collection bridges ancient traditions with modern sensibilities, offering personalized diamond jewelry that mirrors your own essence.